DoT Inspections per 1,000 Tractors (INSPT)

What is it?

The number of Department of Transport (DoT) roadside and terminal inspections per 1,000 tractors in a fleet where an SEC (U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission) filing has been made in the last year. The ratio is derived from the total number of DoT Inspections divided by the total number of tractors in the fleet based on the most recent self-reported MCS150 report filing by the fleet divided by 1,000. 

Who is interested?

Fleet Safety and Risk Managers, Insurance Company Loss Control Managers, Dispatchers, Driver Managers, Brokers and Analysts

What does it tell me?

Inspections per 1,000 vehicles are a great way to measure how well a fleet is maintained and serviced during preventative maintenance events and how well drivers are conducting pre and post-trip inspections.