Tractor Counts (FCTC, FCFH, FCPF)

What is it?

A monthly measure of the number of motor carriers with an active USDOT number provided by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and who report having at least one tractor and have 20,000 annual miles or more per tractor on their MCS150 form. 

Who is interested?

Safety Managers, Dispatchers, Brokers, Carriers, Analysts, Shippers

What does it tell me?

The number of motor carriers with active DOT numbers is an indicator of capacity expansion or contraction in the trucking industry. The data is broken out by fleet type i.e. private fleet and for-hire fleet in the following fleet categories:

  • FCTC - Total Count of Fleets

    • FCTCO - Total Count of Fleets with 1 - 6 Power Units

    • FCTCS - Total Count of Fleets with 7 to 11 Power Units

    • FCTCT - Total Count of Fleets With 12 - 19 Power Units

    • FCTCM - Total Count of Fleets with 20 to 100 Power Units

    • FCTCL - Total Count of Fleets with 101 to 999 Power Units

    • FCTCE - Total Count of Fleets with 1000+ Power Units

  • FCFH - Total Count of Fleets Authorized For Hire

    • FCFHN - Total Count of New Fleets Authorized For Hire

    • FCFHO - Total Count of Old Fleets Authorized For Hire

    • FCFHIS - Total Count of Intrastate For-Hire Fleets

    • FCFHMS - Total Count of Interstate For Hire Fleets 

  • FCPF - Total Count of Private Fleets 

    • FCPFIS - Total Count of Intrastate Private Fleets

    • FCPFMS - Total Count of Interstate Private Fleets

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