Add your own indices, locations on the map and view your symbol is using My SONAR Tools.

To access My SONAR Tools, 

  1. Click Plus_sign.jpg
  2. Select your desired tool                                                                                                                mceclip0.png

To add custom indices

  1. Select mceclip1.png from the My SONAR Tools menu
  2. Click mceclip3.png to download a template for your .CSV file NOTE: Your indices will need to be in the .CSV format before uploading into SONAR
  3. Click mceclip2.png to see the information needed in the .CSV file
  4. Click in mceclip4.png 
  5. Select your .CSV from the File Explore window that displays
  6. Click mceclip6.png

To add locations to view on the SONAR map

  1. Click mceclip7.png
  2. Click mceclip8.png
  3. Click mceclip9.png to download the .csv file for upload
  4. Enter your information in the template and save it to your computer
  5. Enter the Map Layer name in  mceclip10.png
  6. Click in mceclip11.png
  7. elect your .CSV from the File Explore window that displays
  8. Click mceclip6.png

To view a list of symbols you have previously used in a Watchlist

  1. Click mceclip12.png from the My SONAR Tools menu
  2. View your list


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