What is it?

An index of accepted tender volumes on a given day. It is organized by inbound (ITVI) and outbound (OTVI) volumes for the U.S., regional, and market granularity. The index was created with a base of 10,000 on a national level from March 1st 2018 volumes.        

For example: If there were 10 national loads accepted on March 1st and on March 2nd there were 11 accepted loads, the March 1st OTVI.USA value would be 10000 and the March 2nd value would be 11,000. This indicates a 10% increase in volume from March 1st. 

Market level example: OTVI.ATL = 434.4 on March 1st. Atlanta accepted load volume was 434.4/10000 or 4.34% of the total national accepted load volume on March 1st, 2018. On August 7, 2018 OTVI.ATL is showing 459.28, meaning that the volume of accepted loads have increased by 5.7% from August 7, 2018 vs. March 1, 2018.  

Who is interested?

Anyone that has an interest in freight movement patterns or trucking demand. i.e. Shippers, freight brokers, fleet managers, executives in a transportation company, owner operators

What does it tell me?                                   

Tender volume provides a way to judge load volumes in various ways. As load volumes increase capacity tightens. Volumes provide insight into where demand for trucks is increasing or decreasing allowing carriers to position their fleets in the most opportune areas. 

Example: A user wants to see the outbound tender volume index for the Albuquerque market. They would type OTVI.ABQ

These are additional organizations of the OTVI/ITVI:


  • OTVIWK.USA - the weekly average of OTVI of the entire USA market.    
  • OTVIMTH.USA - the monthly average of the OTVI of the entire USA market.  
  • OTVIQTR.USA - the quarterly average of OTVI of the entire USA market.   


  • OTVIW  - the percent change in OTVI from 7 days ago
  • OTVIF - the percent change in OTVI from 14 days ago
  • OTVIM - the percent change in OTVI from 28 days ago
  • OTVIY - the percent change in OTVI from 1 year ago

Equipment Type:

  • ROTVI - the OTVI for temperature controlled loads
  • VOTVI - the OTVI for dry van loads

Length of Haul:

  • LOTVI - the OTVI for loads moving over 800 miles
  • TOTVI - the OTVI for loads moving 451 - 800 miles
  • MOTVI - the OTVI for loads moving 251 - 450 miles
  • SOTVI - the OTVI for loads moving 100 - 250 miles
  • COTVI - the OTVI for loads moving under 100 miles

For inbound volumes replace the O with an I.