Fossil Fuel Consumption (FFCON)

What is it?

Fossil fuel consumption data comes from the Energy Information Administration showing the amount of fossil fuels that are used by sector in the U.S. economy. Fossil fuels include coal, petroleum, and natural gas. The data is not seasonally adjusted and is reported in trillions BTU.

In SONAR, fossil fuel consumption is tracked at the following granularities:

COMM - commercial
IDST - industrial
TRAN - transportation

Who is interested?

Economists, energy market analysts

What does it tell me?

Fossil fuel consumption data is part of a package of energy consumption data from the EIA. Combined with renewable energy consumption, this data gives a picture of how much energy the U.S. economy is consuming every month. The granularities here show consumption by sector, with the transportation sector being the primary source of consumption.

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