What is it?

EARN is a monthly figure on average hourly earnings of all private employees, released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. It measures the average hourly wage of employees, not including benefits, of workers by industry. The value is in USD, and SONAR tracks the following industries:

CONS - construction
EDUC - education and health services
FINC - financial activities
HOSP - leisure and hospitality
MFTG - manufacturing
MINE - mining
PROB - professional and business services
PRVT - Total private
RETL - retail trade
TPWH - transportation and warehousing
UTIL - utilities
WTRD - wholesale trade

Who is interested?

Economists, employers, prospective employees, policymakers

What does it tell me?

Average hourly earnings is the most commonly cited figure for wage growth in the economy. It tells you how fast wages are rising and the relative strength of the labor market in different industries. Hourly earnings are often compared to the CPI to determine real wage growth in the economy

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