SONAR adds risk management, rail, and compliance data!

We are regularly enhancing and improving SONAR to meet the needs of the ever-changing freight market and the needs of our customers. To help keep SONAR users informed, we deliver a brief recap of newly released data sets, market indices, and product feature improvements with our What's New in SONAR email at the beginning of each week.

Over the past week, FreightWaves has released a handful of new indices in its SONAR platform in the categories of risk management and compliance data and energy. 

Here's a recap of this week's SONAR updates:

  • FMCSA violations by state–SONAR subscribers will now be able to see additional types of violations reported to the FMCSA on a monthly basis by state including the following:

    ·        Hazardous materials—VIOHZM

    ·        Insurance—VIOINO

    ·        Unsafe driving—VIOUSD

    ·        Vehicle maintenance—VIOVMA
  • Rail data by total weekly carloads–the summation of total carloads (not intermodal) in originated in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico (RTOTC). 
  • The spread of retail fuel cost to rack price–This index is the difference between the price that is advertised at gas stations and truck stops and the wholesale price that retailers and certain carriers pay off the rack at the refineries (FUELS).
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