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Type: Number

Qualifiers it works with: Multiple regional markets depending on availability. See SONAR index definitions for a full list of available market codes.

What is it? 

The monthly amount of light vehicles produced for sale at automotive plants in given markets. If there are no vehicles produced in a market then there will be no chart available.

Who is interested?

Industry analysts, economists, company executives, brokers, fleet managers

What does it tell me?

Automotive production is a good indicator of demand in the economy. More people buying cars generally means the economy is doing well due to consumers having more income. Automotive sales are a big part of the retail numbers produced by the government statistics agencies such as the Census Bureau's retail sales figures. It can also help you on a more granular level by telling you about the demand for automotive parts, which have a big impact on freight markets. 

Example: If a user wanted to see how many light vehicles were produced in the Detroit market last month, they would enter AUTO.DTW.