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Type: Index

Qualifiers it works with: USA and multiple regional markets. See SONAR index definitions for a full list of available market codes.

What is it? 

TRUK is an index of the daily amount of truck activity in a market with a base period of the first week of April 2018 and a base value of 100. I.e. TRUK.ATL has a value of 102 on September 23rd. This indicates there was 2% more trucks moving in the market than the first week of April. (Note: this index has changed methodology as of September 15th. All changes were made to the entirety of the data set)

TRUK is also available in changes over time in the following index values:

  • TRUKW - Weekly Change
  • TRUKF - Two-week Change
  • TRUKM - Monthly Change

Who is interested?

Anyone that is concerned with freight-flows and capacity: shippers, brokers, sales in trucking companies, fleet managers, etc.

What does it tell me?

TRUK is an indicator of general truck activity in the country. It will show you the ebbs and flows of freight flows as trucks enter and exit markets making it significantly useful in finding where demand for capacity is surging and supply may be limited.

Example: If a user wanted to find the weekly change in the Chicago market in TRUK they would enter TRUKW.CHI.

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