(October 2nd, 2018)


With the ELD mandate occurring in April of 2018, it is increasingly important to monitor the impact of safety violations to freight networks. That is why we have decided to add violation data collected by the FMCSA from roadside inspections to provide additional safety and risk information in SONAR. We have released the following data with corresponding index values:

  • Total violations – VIO
  • Total violations per 1000 highway miles – VIOH
  • Total out of service violations - OOS
  • Total out of service violations per 1000 highway miles – OOSH

Each data point is available on a state level granularity. An example ticker for out of service violations in Arkansas would be OOS.AR.


Example violations would be operating a commercial vehicle without a CDL or false report of drivers record of duty status.

This data pairs well with the accident data that was released last week on a state granularity. Carriers, brokers, and shippers can now get a more complete view of how safe it is to operate in certain areas of the country and make the appropriate adjustments.


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