Building a Watchlist

You can customize a watchlist with the data that is more relevant to you. To build a watchlist:

  1. Click the blue plus Plus_sign.jpg icon at the top right hand of your screen to add a chart
  2. Select the watchlist you prefer from the drop down                                                       watchlist.jpg
  3. Create a name for your list (Ex. Tender Rejects - Southeast)              symbol.jpg
  4. Click Manage_symbol.jpg
  5. Select your desired symbol either by browsing, searching or selecting from your existing list                 Search_browse.jpg
  6. Click  add_selected.jpg after selecting your desired symbols
  7. Click done.jpg
  8. Choose your Display Type from the drop-down list watchlist_type.jpg
  9. Click save.jpg

*Remember, Watchlist on the Dashboard or National Pages are not editable. To customize your own, you can add pages by clicking on "Edit Pages".



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