Navigating the Map

The heat maps are a great way to get a broad overview of what’s happening around the country.  Users can select any one of SONAR’s data categories to display on the map. 

1. Index Categories

2. Weather Overlay Toggle On/Off

3. Choropleth Legend Toggle On/Off - This displays the index range values for the selected data set.  

4. Date Selection (Users may view historical dates)

Users may click into any region to view region-specific data and hover over any region to display to index value for the selected data set.  Clicking on the index value will pull up   

**Pro Tip - When using the heat maps, focus on the data categories that show weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly changes on the heat maps.  It will show you which markets have heated up or cooled down over the selected time period.



SONAR provides real-time weather information for users.  Freight schedules are regularly disrupted by weather events, so after toggling the weather on, push the play button to watch recent movements. 



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